the savvy experts

Style Expertise


​Many publishers require that manuscripts comply with a specific set of style guidelines. Savvy Experts have experience using:

  • Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.)
  • Associated Press Stylebook (AP)
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (MLA)


Savvy Experts / Experience


​Several other editors also work on Savvy Communication projects to help meet our clients' objectives and deadlines. They have extensive experience editing the following:

  • Nonfiction, including biography, history, memoir, science and technology, politics, culture and society, true crime, travel, business, parenting, education, the arts, religion and spirituality
  • Fiction, including short stories, historical fiction, romance, young adult, and speculative fiction
  • Articles for academic journals, theses, and dissertations
  • Website content, brochures, business articles, marketing materials

Who We Are


Susan E. Lindsey, owner of Savvy Communication, has been a writer and editor for more than twenty years. She has editing experience in history, biography, memoir, “how-to” books, fiction, short stories and essays, anthologies, cookbooks, corporate publications, and more. She is the former director of Women Who Write, and a member of Talking Story, the American Copy Editors Society, Editorial Freelancers Association, and several historical and genealogical societies.