Since 2009, VIDA has advocated for gender parity in the publishing world and annually releases the VIDA Count, an analysis of how women writers are represented in 15 top-tier publications. Some highlights of their latest report:

  • Only two of the 15 publications published 50% or more women writers: Granta (53.5%) and Poetry (50%).
  • Five major outlets had women representing between 40% and 49.9% of their total publication: Harper’s (42.1%), The New York Times Book Review (45.9%), The New Republic (42.2%), The Paris Review (42.7%), and Tin House (49.7%).
  • Eight out of 15 publications failed to publish enough women writers to make up even 40% of their publication’s run in 2017: Boston Review (37.8%), London Review of Books (26.9%), The New Yorker (39.7%), The Atlantic (36.5%), The Nation (36.5%), The Threepenny Review (32.7%), and The Times Literary Supplement (35.9%).
  • The New York Review of Books had the most pronounced gender disparity of 2017’s VIDA Count, with only 23.3% of published writers who are women.
  • The publication with the most improvement was The Paris Review, which published 42.7% women writers in 2017, compared to 35% in 2016.

The report also examined how gender minorities were represented. Read the full report online.

The Latest VIDA Count

Granta, Poetry, and Tin House are the publications scoring highest in the latest VIDA Count report on gender parity in the publishing world.

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